SeqOmics Ltd. Animal Health Lab hereby informes customers about dog A-locus tests. Based on the recent literature we examine 4 alleles: Ay, aw, at, a.
These alleles are determined by 3 point mutations: c.244G>T (aʸ), c.248G>A (aʸ), c.286C>T (a) (Berryere et al. 2005) and a 239 bp insertion (SINE element) (Dreger et al. 2011).
We would like to pay attention particularly on the fact that results based on these data may differ from results of laboratories examining only the previously described 3 mutations.

  • Berryere TG, Kerns JA, Barsh GS, Schmutz SM (2005) Association of an Agouti allele with fawn or sable coat color in domestic dogs. Mamm Genome 16, 262-72.
  • Dreger, Dayna L. and Schmutz, Sheila M. 2011. A SINE Insertion Causes the Black-and-Tan and Saddle Tan Phenotypes in Domestic Dogs. Journal of Heredity 2011 102: S11-S18

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